We are nature.

Let’s reframe design together with all of life. How? Just to be.
Listen to the birds singing you a song. Feel the wind encouraging you to follow your dreams. Taste the sweetness of the first fresh blackberries all around. See the sun shining through the chestnut tree’s leaves. Smell the fresh rain after a hot summer day.



A drawing says more than a thousand words, right?


For when a thousand words are not enough.


Translate your values into colors, fonts and shapes.



To create a better world for ourselves, future generations and the rest of the natural world, I believe we need to reshape our economic system. That’s why I’m experimenting with different forms of reciprocity. Please let me know your ideas about a sustainable economy for all.

Gift Economy

When we share our gifts with the world, we create abundance. Do you want to create abundance together?


Do you feel that you want to give something to me for being here on this beautiful planet?

Hourly Pay

To provide a base income, I work partly in the usual way. We can just talk about how we do this.

About me

Here is a bit more about me, Talitha.

What I love to do.

I mostly love to create something. I crochet presents for friends and family. Mostly animals. I also like drawing and painting. Other hobbies of mine are playing guitar, reading and playing boardgames. What is your favorite boardgame? I really like PARKS, Kanagawa and Ticket to Ride.


I live together with my partner and two cats in Wageningen. We dream about living in a community close to nature. Dreaming is what inspires me and my fuel to keep moving in new directions. No matter how realistic or if I really would want to make them come true. They always motivate me to do things, experiment and connect.

Let’s create something beautiful together!